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 AFRAC is a non-governmental organization with an African vocation created with the aim of bridging gaps in the knowledge and skills that many countries of the continent suffer through research and the transformation of research results into concrete actions and interventions that consider the local context and values, interventions that are effective and efficient and  with the participation of communities taking control over their future and destiny.

We believe that when initiatives for development and  social transformations are planned from the outside, despite all the good intentions, and implemented without the full leadership of  communities can not have a lasting impact as many research shows.

We seek to promote a culture of decision-making based and informed by the evidence and not on the opinions of individuals. At the heart of our working approach is the establishment of strategic partnerships with communities, host country institutions, training schools and universities and other sources of knowledge to enhance knowledge and learning.

Knowledge in all its forms saves and it is the reason why we want to build bridges of experience sharing between the global south and the global north for mutual learning.



Our vision is of a world in which social injustices and exclusion are fought and eliminated and in which men and women, girls and boys achieve the highest level of their destiny through knowledge, skills and  empowerment acquired.


Our mission is to help individuals and communities to take control of their destiny through quality information, accessible knowledge, learning and sharing experiences with the world around them by breaking down barriers and fighting inequalities between the social strata.


Four fundamental values underpin the vision and mission of AFRAC:



We seek the highest level of impact and quality in everything we do and in our relationships with our partners.


We ensure that the voice and opinion of everyone is heard, discussed and taken into account regardless of gender, religion, race, socio-economic status and political affiliation.


We aim for independence of mind and empowerment by individuals and communities of their destiny.



We combat the unilateralism of thoughts and encourage heterogeneity in the opinions and choices of individuals.


Providing affordable, inclusive learning and skills development opportunities to all is one of the pillars of AFRAC's work and mission.


Learning should no longer be a luxury; lack of means and time (because one works full time) no longer have to be obstacles to learning and getting the certificate or diploma of one's dream.


Why stop work when you can learn from home? Why miss a promotion and a job opportunity because of the lack of a skill and a degree when you could get it in three or six months with two hours of reading a day?


Capitalizing on information technologies and online learning management systems,AFRAC offers to those who want to improve their skills and get a degree while working, a distance and online education program with more than twenty certificates, post-graduate diploma and masters degree with the academic condtribution of researchers, professors and instructors from around the world. 

Our courses are in various fields and award the following titles:


  • Certificates (3-6 months)

  • Post-Bachelor Degree  (12 months)

  • Masters (2-3 years)

  • Other intensive courses (Short term)


"Who cares about gaining new skills  get ready for future opportunities, and who stop learning has closed doors of opportunities."


If interested in our training programs? For more information, visit the "Continuing Education" page of our menu.

Need to register? Write to us at contactus@afrac.org