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AFRAC offers a range of short-term training and technical support services in various fields according to the needs of partners (local NGOs, international NGOs, donors, and religious denominations)


Service provision takes many forms, including situational analysis, formative research, institutional diagnosis, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, and capitalization.



Our offer of technical support and capacity building covers the following sectors:

  • Health in general and maternal, neonatal, infant and adolescent reproductive health

  • Formal and non-formal education

  • Social Protection

  • Community mobilization

  • Social norms and gender

  • The humanitarian response

  • Community accountability approaches

  • Advocacy



AFRAC can provide training sessions for health personnel, education and any of the aforementioned sectors; conduct initial and final evaluations, consult, develop manuals, facilitate workshops, assist in the development of project files; conduct training seminars, monitor and measure the impact of a project and a program or directly implement a project.



The seminars offered for the staff of the organizations vary in duration (2-14 days) according to the needs expressed and the payment modalities are discussed between ARAC and the requesting party.



List of training courses offered



This may be training or training providers in:


  • Training of trainers (Andragogy)

  • Family planning

  • Neonatal Obstetric Care

  • Refocused pre-natal consultation

  • Postabortion care

  • Syndromic management of STIs


  • Balance Counseling Plus

  • Training in mobilization and community engagement

  • Quality defined in partnership

  • Community Score Card

  • Medical management of GBV survivors

  • Psychosocial care of survivors of GBV

  • Communication for development

  • Planning-Monitoring -Project evaluation

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Facilitating supervision

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Social Work Training

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Young People





For any information needs, contact us at

Email: contactus@afrac.org


Phone: +1.404.740.4768