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AFRAC offers a training program for certificates  lasting 4-6 months of training on a virtual platform allowing students to work individually and in groups with other colleagues under the supervision of teachers.


Each certificate consists of 10-15 modules and includes activities such as:

  • Individual readings,

  • Weekly assignments

  • Discussion forums

  • Group Project 

  • Mid-term examen

  • Final exam 



Each certificate is under the responsibility of an instructor (teacher) and an assistant instructor.



To complete the training program, each student must obtain a final mark of at least 80/100. At least 14 hours of activities per week are required to be up to date with the training program (ie 2 hours per day).



Registration Criteria



  • Be a holder of a two-year diploma after the High school diploma 

  • At least two years of professional experience (internships included)

  • Have internet access

  • Pay 50% of tuition one week before the start of the training






Tuition fees and payment methods


Tuition fees include:

  • Registration Fee: US$ 150

  • Tuition fees: US $ 2,000 (50% to be paid at the time of registration or one week before the training start)

  • Payment can be made either by bank transfer or by Western Union on behalf of AFRAC (Contact us at contactus@afrac.org for the payment method of your choice)


List of certifying courses

01.Project Design and Management

02.Monitoring & Evaluation

03.Procurement and Logistics

04.Design and management of sexual and reproductive health programs

05.Design and management of Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Health programs

06. Maternal and child health

07.Management during emergency response

08.Grant Management

09.Adminstration and Human Resources  management 

10.Policy and advocacy: Influencing decision makers

11.Gender in development and emergencies

12.Quality assurance

13.Religion and Health


15.Management of non-profit organizations

16.Communication for development

17.Behavior Change communiction

18. .Design and execution of a research project

19.Qualitative research 

20.Quantitative research

21.Analysis of qualitative data

22.Analysis of quantitative data



For more information, contact us:

Email: contactus@afrac.org

Phone: + 1.404-740-4768



For more information on each training, click on the related link  and you will get a brief description  and access the registration form.